About Ollie & Me

It’s no secret, we love babies ... we love their mothers, their fathers, brothers, sisters, grandparents, aunts, uncles and even their neighbors if we get to know them.  The only thing that comes close to our love for babies, is our love for interior design. 

Ollie & Me offers only the safest, most irresistible furnishings for your baby, and we do it while providing unsurpassable customer service.

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she inspires me to listen

Over the years I have found inspiration in all sorts of places.  Typically it's in old churches, high rise cities and countryside barns.  It wasn't until recently that I found myself drooling over wedding photography ... to be more specific I found...

she inspires me to create

I know a girl ... she puts the color inside of my world .... this song ALWAYS reminds me of my friend Tania Fischer. She is more than just an inspiration to me, I call her sister and my daughter calls her Auntie.  Our friendship has grown to the...

she inspires me to dream bigger

Did you follow our list of holiday favorites?  Or perhaps linger over one of our {oh my} haven boards?  Have you seen the DNA art on our walls? And how are you feeling about she inspires me? What many of you don't know is that while I have a hand in...